Digital Signage

Time to Change Your Menu Board


Features and benefits of the dynamic digital signage system include:

Centrally Controlled.  One Eleven Systems empowers the end-user to distribute content from one central location. As a result, real-time marketing decisions can be managed in-house ensuring retailers' communication with customers is executed system-wide at the right time and the right place. Our content management software recognizes the receipt of new content, displays the content, and reports back to the central location(s) that the media player is working properly.

Network.  One Eleven Systems works perfectly on wired based LAN topologies. One Eleven Systems is compatible with current wireless networking technology and does not require additional capacity within an existing network. One Eleven Systems uses Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) or wireless data connections to establish connectivity. By installing or using an existing onsite WLAN, One Eleven Systems can be incorporated throughout the venue without any environmental network cabling. We also offer our cellular communications solution for off-site signage where WLAN is not in use or practical.  

Content Delivery.  Changing market developments or events can be quickly incorporated into our system. The end-user may create entire content distributions on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Furthermore, the system allows the end-user to interject quick daily updates to feature new or overstocked items, and then automatically return to the previous content schedule.

Data Management.  Through interactive touch screen technology, One Eleven Systems software can capture user data and information. This information can provide feedback to both the customer and the marketer. The ability to track customer interaction and data mine user profiles.

Data Integration.  One Eleven Systems can integrate digital signage with other applications and databases. One Eleven Systems is able to use a database feed to change the content or marketing message, making it possible for our customers to deliver targeted messages. Data feeds can be available either internally within a business or externally through the Internet. For example, our customers can specify variable criteria or conditions which One Eleven Systems will analyze, delivering marketing content relevant to the changing environment.  

Scalability/Mobility.  The One Eleven Systems system provides the ability to easily move signage or "scale-up" to incorporate additional digital signage. Displays can be moved to or from any location under the network. You are able to accommodate adds/moves/changes within your environment without rewiring network connections. When you want to add additional wireless digital signage, only electrical power needs to be supplied at the new location.

Conformance/Complinace.  One Eleven Systems addresses compliance and consistency issues associated with print media and alternative forms of visual marketing. Compliance measures the frequency of having the marketing message synchronized primarily with product availability and price. Compliance issues cause inconsistencies in pricing, product image and availability, and store polices. One Eleven Systems addresses compliance by allowing message updates and flexible control of a single location or multiple locations network-wide. One Eleven Systems allows our customers to display messages, pricing, images, and other information on websites that are identical to those displayed at retail locations.

On Line Management System.  One Eleven Systems provides an effective web based tool that allows you to manage,control and schedule content to your network with an excellent interface designed with cognitive learning tools.  It even has a device management tool that ties into a visual mapping page so you can see all of your locations and their status. 

Network Control.  Each remote media player is uniquely identified and distinguished.   One Eleven Systems gives the end-user the ability to view the media player and its' display status to determine if the player is functioning properly and whether the correct content is playing. A list of all units on the system is displayed allowing the end-user to view single units or clusters of units. The system also allows the end-user to receive information regarding the health of the network before issues occur.